Antonyms and Synonyms Exercises for Class 8 CBSE With Answers – English Grammar

Antonyms and Synonyms Exercises for Class 8 CBSE With Answers – English Grammar

Click here to get access to the best NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English. Go through these Antonyms and Synonyms Exercises for Class 8 CBSE with Answers to learn English. Each and every question of English grammar exercises for class 8 CBSE with answers have been answered with easy to download solutions in PDF format.

Antonyms and Synonyms Exercises for Class 8 CBSE With Answers – English Grammar (Word Power)

Synonyms And Antonyms Meaning

Word Synonyms Antonyms
abandon desert, forsake keep
ability skill, aptitude incompetence, inability
abundant ample, sufficient scanty, insufficient
achieve accomplish, attain fail
adjourn postpone, recess recommence, continue
amateur beginner, novice professional
artificial fake, synthetic real, authentic
barren unproductive, infertile fertile, productive
bashful shy, timid outgoing, assured
beginning start, initiate finish, end
blend combine, mix separate
broad wide, expansive narrow
calm quiet, tranquil, still excited, turbulent
chubby plump, pudgy thin, skinny
coarse bumpy, rough fine, smooth
competent capable, qualified incompetent, inept
complex complicated, intricate simple
condemn censure, denounce approve
conflict fight, battle, struggle peace, harmony
congested overcrowded, stuffed empty, unfilled
conscientious scrupulous, virtuous neglectful, careless
consecutive successive, continuous interrupted
contaminate pollute, defile, infect purify
conventional customary, traditional unusual
courteous polite, civil rude
cranky cross, irritable good-humored
daring bold, audacious cautious
decay rot, spoil bloom, flourish
delicate fragile, dainty sturdy
desolate barren, forsaken dense, verdant
despise hate, detest, loathe love
detach separate, unfasten, remove attach
difficult hard, challenging easy
diminish curtail, lessen, decrease increase, amplify
dormant sleeping, inactive awake, active
drastic severe, extreme, tough mild,moderate
dumb stupid, dense smart
eccentric peculiar, unusual normal
ecstasy joy, rapture, elation sadness, depression
enormous vast, immense, colossal tiny, microscopic
eternal always, perpetual, everlasting temporary, passing
exhilarated overjoyed, ecstatic, elated depressed, dejected, sad
extravagant extreme, excessive, luxurious meagre
fabulous marvelous, amazing unexciting
face confront, meet avoid
fantastic incredible, extra-ordinary, ordinary, normal
feasible possible, attainable, practical impossible
ferocious fierce, savage, brutal, tame, gentle
flaw defect, fault, blemish perfection
flimsy frail, fragile, delicate sturdy, strong
flippant impudent, sassy polite, respectful
fluid liquid solid
foe enemy, adversary, opponent friend
follow succeed, trail lead, precede
forbid prohibit, ban, bar permit
frivolous trivial, unimportant, silly important, serious
furious angry, enraged, infuriated calm, placid
gaudy showy, garish, vulgar tasteful, refined
gaunt scrawny, skinny, thin overweight, plump
generous giving, selfless, big-hearted selfish, stingy
gentle tender, mild rough, harsh
genuine real, authentic, sincere fake, phony
gigantic immense, colossal, enormous tiny, minute
gloomy dark, dismal, depressing cheery, bright
glorious splendid, magnificent, superb terrible, awful
good nice, fine, well-behaved bad, awful
gorgeous ravishing, dazzling, stunning hideous, unattractive
gratitude thankfulness, appreciation ungratefulness
hold grasp, grip, retain release, discharge
honest truthful, sincere, frank untruthful, dishonest
hospitable welcoming, cordial, gracious rude, unfriendly
hostile antagonistic, aggressive, militant friendly, cordial
huge vast, immense, great small, tiny
humble modest, unpretentious vain, showy
humiliate embarrass, disgrace, dishonour honour, dignify
immaculate spotless, pure dirty, filthy
immature childish, inexperienced mature, adult
immune resistant, exempt susceptible
impartial neutral, unbiased, fair prejudiced, partial
impatient eager, anxious, intolerant patient
imperfect marred, defective, faulty perfect, flawless
impetuous impulsive, rash, reckless restrained, careful
join connect, unite, link separate, disconnect, detach
jolly merry, jovial, joyful sad, grim, glum
jubilant overjoyed, delighted, elated dejected, depressed
keep save, protect, guard discard, lose
kind considerate, tender, thoughtful mean, cruel, inconsiderate
lenient kind, unrestrained, easy harsh, strict
listless lethargic, tired active, energetic
logical sensible, sane, rational illogical, unreasonable
migrant drifting, traveling, transient stationary, immovable
militant combative, aggressive,warlike peaceful
minor lesser, inferior, secondary major
mirth merriment, fun, laughter gloom, sadness
mischievous naughty, impish well-behaved, angelic
misfortune hardship, catastrophe, mishap good luck, fortune
mobile moveable, changeable immobile, stationary
moderate temperate, lenient, medium extreme, harsh
momentous important, powerful, outstanding unimportant, insignificant
monotonous boring, tedious, humdrum, interesting

One Word Substitutions

A. Pertaining to Government:

1. To give up a throne or another office of dignity  Abdicate
2. A diplomatic minister of the highest order sent by one country to another  Ambassador
3. Absence of government  Anarchy
4. A person who is out to destroy all government and order  Anarchist
5. A person liable to be called to account for his actions  Answerable
6. Government by one Autocracy  Despotism
7. Government by the officials/ departments of state  Bureaucracy
8. Government by the nobles  Aristocracy
9. The right of self-government  Autonomy
10. Government of the people, for the people, by the people  Democracy

B. Pertaining to Sciences and Arts:

1. The study of all heavenly bodies and the earth in relation to them Astronomy
2. One who studies the sky and stars Astronomer
3. The study of mankind/ the science which treats of man Anthropology
4. The study of physical life or living matter Biology
5. The study of plants Botany
6. The art of beautiful hand-writing Calligraphy
7. The art of practicing by statesman and ambassadors Diplomacy
8. One who thinks of the welfare of women Feminist
9. The study of coins Numismatics
10. The study of birds/ the science which treats of the birds Ornithology

C. Pertaining to the Literary Arts:

1.  A work whose writer is unknown  synonymous
2.  A record of one’s life written by himself  Autobiography
3.  The history of the life of a person  Biography
4.  A humorous play, having a happy ending  Comedy
5.  A list of books in a library  Catalog
6.  A book in which the events of each day are recorded  Diary
7.  A book containing the words of a language with their definitions, in alphabetical order  Dictionary
8.  A book of names and address  Directory
9.  A book containing information on all branches of knowledge  Encyclopedia
10.  A speech delivered without earlier preparation  Extempore

D. Pertaining to Religion:

1.  One who is not sure of the existence of God  Agnostic
2.  One who renounces his religious vows or forsakes his religious principles  Apostate
3.  One who does not believe in the existence of God  Atheist
4.  One who believes in the existence of God  Theist
5.  One who has narrow and prejudiced religious views  Bigot
6.  One who is present everywhere  Omnipresent
7.  One who knows everything  Omniscient
8.  One who is all-powerful  Omnipotent
9.  One who serves the public interest and feels very sympathetic towards human beings  Humanitarian

E. Pertaining to Death:

1.  To destroy completely  Annihilate
2.  Dead and decaying flesh especially of animals  Carrion
3.  A monument set up for persons who are buried elsewhere  Cenotaph
4.  To preserve a dead body from decaying  Embalm
5.  Words inscribed on a tomb  Epitaph
6.  An examination of a dead body  Autopsy/Postmortem
7.  An article in the newspaper about the life of the deceased  of one Obituary
8.  The property left to someone by a will  Legacy
9.  Something occurring after death  Posthumous
10.  The act of killing a human being  Homicide

F. Pertaining to Marriage/ Family/ Children:

1.  One who marries a second wife/ husband while the legal spouse is alive  Bigamist
2.  One vowed to a single or unmarried life  Celibate
3.  One engaged to be married  Fiancee
4.  Children whose parents are dead  Orphan
5.  A hater of marriage  Misogamist
6.  One has more than one wife or husband at a time  Polygamist
7.  State of growth between boyhood and youth  Adolescence
8.  Marrying more than one husband/ wife at a time  Polygamy
9.  Marrying more than one husband at a time  Polyandry
10.  Hater of mankind  Misanthrope

G. Pertaining to Profession:

1.  One who writer books  Author
2.  One who makes or sells candles  Chandler
3.  One who drives a motor car  Chauffeur
4.  One skilled in the care of hands and feet  Chiropodist
5.  One who sells sweets and pastries  Confectioner
6.  One who works in a coal mine  Collier
7.  One who attends to the teeth  Dentist
8.  One who shoes horses  Ferrier
9.  One who studies rocks and soils  Geologist
10.  One who travels from place to place selling articles  Hawker

H. Denoting Numbers

1.  A collection of poems  Anthology
2.  A number of merchant ships protected by warships  Convoy
3.  A number of stars grouped together  Constellation
4.  A number of hired applauders, i.e., persons paid to clap  Claque
5.  A number of people at church  Congregation
6.  A number of people gathered together for some common purpose  Gathering, assembly
7.  People who get together to work for some cause of common interest  Coterie
8.  A number of workmen, prisoners, thieves  Gang
9.  A number of sheep  Flock
10.  A number of ships  Fleet

I. Miscellaneous

1.  Loud enough to be heard  Audible
2.  Not distinct enough to be heard  Inaudible
3.  Fit to be eaten  Edible
4.  Unfit for human consumption  Inedible
5.  Fit to be chosen or selected  Eligible
6.  Not having the qualities of being chosen  Ineligible
7.  Writing that is easy to read  Legible
8.  Writing that is easy to decipher  Illegible
9.  Able to read  Literate
10.  Unable to read  Illiterate
11.  Born of married parents  Legitimate
12.  Born of unmarried parents  Illegitimate
13.  To send back a person to his own country  Repatriate
14.  To banish from one’s country  Expatriate
15.  To move from one country to another  Migrate
16.  One who leaves his country to settle in another  Emigrant
17.  One who comes into a foreign country to settle there  Immigrant
18.  Incapable of being redeemed from evil, i.e., beyond correction  Incorrigible
19.  That which cannot be rubbed out or blotted out  Ineffaceable
20.  That which cannot be conquered  Invincible

Idioms and Phrases

Cry for the moon  Ask for the impossible
To in a tight corner  In a very difficult situation
Cock and bull story  Made up story that one should not believe
Cat and dog life  Life full of quarrels
Like a cat on hot bricks  Very nervous
Have a card up one’s sleeve  Have a secret plan in reserve
Tell against  To prove adverse to; to go against
Run through  to squander or waste
Run over  to drive over
Alive and kicking  Active and healthy
To burn one’s fingers  To lose on account of foolish behaviour
At sea  Confused or lost
Behind one’s back  In the absence of
To call a spade a spade  To be frank and truthful
To break the ice  To break the silence
To bell the cat  To face the risk
A cold fish  A person devoid of emotions
To cross the Rubicon To take a decisive step
Double dealing – Deceiving
To die hard  Change with great difficulty
To eat humble pie  To apologize in a humble manner
To fight a losing battle  Struggle without hope of success
A deadlock  A position where no progress can be made
A daredevil  A person who does not care for any consequences
Once in a blue moon  Very rarely
At a premium  Difficult to get or obtain
To play the game  To act honestly
To die in harness  To work till the last day of one’s life
To plough a lonely furrow  To work without help or support
Lock, stock and barrel  Completely
The long and the short  The main point
Bring to light  Disclose
The bottom line  The final criteria
To kick one’s heels  To wait with nothing to do
Rain cats and dogs  Rain heavily
A hard nut to crack  A difficult problem
In high spirits  Very happy
Like a fish out of water  In a strange situation
Smell a rat  Suspect something foul
Read between the lines  Understand the hidden meaning
Tooth and nail  With all one’s power
Spread like wild fire  Spread quickly
Hit the nail on the head  Do or say the exact thing
Burn the midnight oil  Work or study hard
Under his thumb  Under his control
With a high hand  Oppressively
Gain ground  Become popular
By leaps and bounds  Rapidly
Make off with  to run away with
Pass away  to die
To make a pig of oneself  To overeat
Donkey’s years  A very long time
To pull one’s leg  to joke; tease someone
To keep one’s fingers crossed  To hope fervently
To call in question  To doubt
To talk through one’s hat To talk ignorantly
To make up one’s mind To decide
Hard and fast rules  Rigid rules
To make one’s mouth water  To stimulate one’s appetite
By word of mouth  By spoken message
To get the better of someone To take advantage of someone
To rub shoulders  To come into close contact
A snake in the grass  A hidden enemy
Between the devil and the deep blue sea  Between two dangers
Chew the cud  To discuss matters in a ponderous manner, especially reminiscing
To kill two birds with one stone  To achieve two results with one effort
A close shave  A narrow escape
Chip off the old block  someone as good as one’s father
To pull a long face  To look sad
Above board  Open and honest
To turn a deaf ear  To ignore
To turn the tables  To reverse the situation
To call someone names  To abuse or insult someone
Above board  Honest and open
At arm’s length  To keep at a distance
At the eleventh hour  At the last moment
An apple of discord  A cause of quarrel
To burn one’s boats  Make a final decision, destroy all possible ways of going back a situation
To build castles in the air  Make imaginary schemes
A burning question  An important topic
A brown study  Daydreaming
Sitting on the fence  Hesitate between two decisions

The words that pronounce the same, but have different meanings are called homophones.


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