Articles Exercises for Class 8 CBSE With Answers – English Grammar

Articles Exercises for Class 8 CBSE With Answers – English Grammar

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Articles: The words a, an and the are special adjectives called articles.

Articles Exercises for Class 8 CBSE With Answers – English Grammar

Types of Articles .
The following types of articles are given below

Indefinite Article
The indefinite article (a / an) is used when we don’t specify the things or people we are talking about.

  1. I met a beggar.
  2. I study in a college in London.
  3. I borrowed an item from a passenger sitting in front of me.

Uses of Indefinite Articles

  1. The indefinite article ‘a’ is used before a consonant sound (other than a,e,i,o,u).
    (i) A dog
    (ii) A man
    (iii) A car
    (iv) A stove
  2. The indefinite article ‘an’ is used before a vowel sound (with a,e,i,o,u).
    (i) An elephant
    (ii) An ugly duck
    (ii) An Indian
    (iv) An aeroplane
    (v) An owl
  1. Indefinite articles are used before singular nouns that are unspecified.
    (i) This is a pen.
    (ii) This is an apple.
    (iii) This is a camel.
  1. Used before number collectives and some numbers.
    (i) I want a dozen mangoes.
    (ii) The farmers want a gallon water for the agricultural purpose.
    (iii) An army of soldiers advanced towards the enemy.
  1. Used with nouns to form adverbial phrases of quantity amount or degree.
    (i) There was a lot of money in the bag.
    (ii) I felt a bit weak in the morning.
    (iii) Only a few policemen were on duty this morning.

Definite Article
The article ‘the’ is used when the speaker talks about a specific object that both the person speaking and the listener know.

  1. The man who is standing here runs very fast.
  2. The Himalayan range covers a lot of area.
  3. The President of China will be giving a speech tonight.

Uses of Definite Article

  1. When we speak of something or someone for the first time we use a or an, the next time we repeat that object we use the definite article the’.
    (i) I have a car. The car is very big.
    (ii) I live in a house. The house is very big and has seven rooms.
    (iii) I ate in an Italian restaurant. The restaurant was very good.
  1. Used to indicate a noun that is definite or has been previously specified in the context.
    (i) Please open the door.
    (ii) I like the toys you gave me.
    (iii) I like the dress you wore last week.
  1. Used to indicate a noun that is unique.
    (i) Praise the Lord!
    (ii) The Ganga river is near my village.
    (iii) Lucknow is on the Gomti.
  1. Used to designate a natural phenomenon,
    (i) The nights are shorter during the summers.
    (ii) The wind is blowing very fast.
    (iii) The volcano erupted yesterday.
  1. Used to refer to a time period.
    (i) This song was very popular in the 1950’s.
    (ii) I was very introvert in the past.
    (iii) Many new developments will take place in the future.
  1. Used to indicate all the members of a family,
    (i) I invited all the artists for dinner tonight.
    (ii) This machinery was invented by the Harrisons.
    (iii) The Kapoors is the family of actors.

Omission of Articles

  1. We do not use any article with the names of cities, states, countries, continents etc.
    But, ‘the’ is used with group of countries or states’ or group of islands,
    (i) The USA, The United Kingdom.
    (ii) The Netherlands.
  2. No article is used with material nouns, except talking about some specific ones.
    (i) I don’t like milk.
    (ii) Dolly prefers to have coffee to tea.
    (i) The water of this lake is used for washing clothes by the villagers.
    (ii) Please pass the salt. (Salt on the dinning table)
  3. With some institutions like church, hospital, school, college, office.
    When talking about going to these institutions for their usual (basic) purpose, we do not use any article.
    (i) Kshitij went to hospital for doing his LPDP. (To get treatment)
    (ii) They go to church every Sunday. (For prayer)
    (i) I have to go the school on Saturday. (For PTM)
    (ii) We are going to the hospital. (To see somebody who is hospitalised)
  4. ‘The’ is used with names of designations like, Branch Manager, President, Prime Minister, Director etc.
    (i) The President had an interaction with the school children on Children’s Day.
    (ii) We welcomed the Director with a beautiful garland.
    But, when these designations come alongwith the verbs,- appoint, elect, promote etc no article should be used.
    (i) He was soon promoted as President.
    (ii) They unanimously elected him Chairman.

Chapter Practice

Question 1:
Explain whether sentences given below are correct or not with reference to the use of articles.

  1. He is the European.
  2. Do you like butter?
  3. Art is the wonderful subject.
  4. I want to drive car.
  5. She eats the apple every day.
  6. I need a water.
  7. Who is the man?
  8. Radha has got new mobile phone, but its not an android phone.
  9. Should I take admission into an university or a college after completing my high school?
  10. All the committed members have arrived at on decision.


  1. Incorrect use ‘a’ in place of ‘the’.
  2. Correct
  3. Incorrect use ‘a’ before ‘wonderful’.
  4. Incorrect use ‘a’ before ‘car’.
  5. Incorrect use ‘an’ in place of ‘the’.
  6. Incorrect use no article before water.
  7. Correct
  8. Incorrect use ‘a’ before ‘new’.
  9. Incorrect use ‘a’ in place of ‘an’.
  10. Incorrect use ‘a’ in place of ‘an’.

Question 2:
Fill in the blanks using ‘a/an/the’.

  1. I want to ask………….. question now.
  2. It is………. nice day today.
  3. Mohini works in ………
  4. …… man was crossing the road.
  5. She works in………
  6. There is……. huge statue of Rani Lakshmibai at the square.
  7. Yours is…… inspiring story.
  8. Where is…….. statue of Liberty situated?
  9. He belongs to ………… different school of thought.
  10. Do you know where………. library is?


  1. a
  2. a
  3. an
  4. A
  5. a
  6. a
  7. an
  8. the
  9. a
  10. the

Question 3:
Put a/an/the wherever necessary.

  1. She is………… MSc in chemistry.
  2. I am going to………….
  3. ……… Gomati is a famous river.
  4. Rashmi is…………. unique girl.
  5. I know how to play…………
  6. ……… in the army not so easy though it is full of pride and prestige.
  7. She was not in…………. mood of cutting jokes.
  8. This is…………….. honour for me.
  9. One cannot compare …………. orange with … apple.
  10. Each of them is…………. unique fruit.


  1. an
  2. the
  3. The
  4. a
  5. the
  6. The
  7. a
  8. an
  9. an, an
  10. a

Question 4:
In each of the following questions there are three sentences given out ot which one is wrong according to the usage of articles. Pick out the wrong sentence and mark its number as your answer. Mark your answer as ‘d’ if all the sentences are correct.

  1. (a) Mr Sharma’s daughter is an air hostess
    (b) There is a big hole in that wall
    (c) An man is waiting for you, sir
    (d) All are correct
  2. (a) An Earth is a beautiful planet
    (b) Shail is a nice boy
    (c) Do you need an umbrella?
    (d) All are correct
  3. (a) She ordered a bag online
    (b) The four persons came yesterday also
    (c) I know you have got the pair of the new shoes
    (d) All are correct
  4. (a) Give me an sheet of paper
    (b) Does she have a pencil?
    (c) The book fair was very nice
    (d) All are correct
  5. (a) A new film will be releasing this Friday
    (b) The cow is a milk animal
    (c) The tea is my favourite drink
    (d) All are correct
  6. (a) There is a telephone on the table
    (b) Runjhun is the my neighbour’s daughter
    (c) The sky is full of stars today
    (d) All are correct
  7. (a) Many poets have made the Moon a synonym for love
    (b) It is also a symbol of beauty
    (c) We should not spread a rumors
    (d) All are correct
  8. (a) On that day, he didn’t have a money
    (b) Many tribal people live on the bank of rivers
    (c) The boy gave a loud cry
    (d) All are correct
  9. (a) Children love to play the mobile games
    (b) The hat he was wearing was presented by his uncle
    (c) Ruhi was a very sensible girl
    (d) All are correct
  10. (a) You are a mature person now
    (b) We must not waste a time
    (c) Today is a hot sunny day
    (d) All are correct


  1. (c) Use ‘a’ in place of ‘an’.
  2. (a) Use ‘the’ in place of ‘an’.
  3. (c) Use ‘a’ in place of ‘the’.
  4. (a) Use ‘a’ in place of ‘an’.
  5. (c) No article is required before ‘tea’.
  6. (b) Use no article before ‘my’
  7. (c) Use no article before ‘rumors’,
  8. (a) Use no article before ‘money’.
  9. (d) All are correct
  10. (b) Use no article before ’time’.

Question 5:
Match the following.

List I List II
1. A (a) Sun
2. An (b) Car
3. The (c) Umbrella
4. A (d) Honest person
5. An (e) Cup of tea


List I List II
1. A (b) Car
2. An (c) Umbrella
3. The (a) Sun
4. A (e) Cup of tea
5. An (d) Honest person

Question 6:
Fill in the blanks by using appropriate articles.

  1. Once upon…….. time there live…………. ant,
  2. …………ant was very young.
  3. ………….. ant wanted to learn how to collect food.
  4. Therefore,……. art approached……….. ant who was skilled in collecting food.
  5. …………… second ant agreed to teach……….. first ant skill she wanted to learn.


  1. a, an
  2. The
  3. The
  4. the, an
  5. The, the, the

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