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CBSE Class 10 English Article Writing

CBSE Class 10 English Article Writing

CBSE Class 10 English Article Writing

With a view to express their own views, opinions or arguments people take to write articles. There are issues that concern people in general.
Process of writing an article is as follows :
(i) Collect relevant matter (Content)
(ii) Organise in a proper sequence

  • Introduction
  • Analyse
  • Suggestions
  • Conclusion

Format and Important Points to be remember to write a Article
(i) Never forget to – write die heading which should be eye catching

(ii) Beginning should be such so as to draw reader’s attention

(iii) Expose the topics by giving reasons, how water is wasted
(iii) Suggestion on how to save/ conserve water
(iv) Conclusion (either hope or warning)
(v) Give your idea suggest measures

Marking Scheme 2014
Content: 3 Marks
Fluency: 1 Mark
Accuracy: 1 Mark
Under content, credit should be given for the candidates creativity in presenting ideas.

Question 1.
In today’s age of stress and anxiety, the children need to understand the importance of sleep, meditation and yoga over social networking and the use of the cell phone. Write an article of 120 words on ‘Concentration and Composure’, the need of the hour. You can take hints from the unit ‘Health and Medicine’ of the Main Course Book. (Board Term-12013, Set 5007) (5 marks)
Title: Concentration and Composure, the Need of the Hour
Modem time is the time of advancement in all fields which demands an extra effort on the part of everyone. Advancement in science has resulted in developing a new interest in social networking as well as overuse of cell phone by children. They keep awake till late night because of these gadgets which affects their sleep pattern. As a result they don’t feel comfortable in the morning and their alertness and concentration is also affected. This leads to loss of energy also. People should realize the importance of sleep which is a boon to us. Sleep deficiency results in many health related problems like diabetes, obesity, depression also. Hence, the children must be made to understand that they must have proper sleep so as to energise themselves. Meditation and yoga can help them a lot in overcoming sleeplessness. All the body activities will return to their normal self and they will feel refreshed. Yoga and meditation are the best therapies and are an answer to present day lifestyle diseases. These will keep them stress-free which further helps in keeping good health and improves concentration power. Therefore, children must switch over to yoga, meditation to overcome the stress and keep their composure.

Question 2.
You are Rekha/Rohit. You have seen the following news item in a newspaper.
Video games, Internet, cell phones and other high-tech gear are just part of growing up in a digital world. But parents are concerned about the amount of time their children spend with these and worry that it might be distracting to them and cramping their academic and social development
Using your own ideas and those taken from the unit, ‘Science’, write an article in about 150 words describing both the benefits and drawbacks of using these high-tech devices. (Board Term-12012, Set EC2,040) (5 marks)
Title: High Tech Devices – A Boon or Bane
In the fast changing scenario, the high tech devices have flooded the market. All the credit goes to science which helps us in advancing in any field. Modem age is better known as the Science Age. Some people are misusing technology and are not taking advantage of the wonders of science. Today, youngsters can be seen busy with chatting, surfing, playing video-games and what not. These have become a part of growing up in the digital world. But all this is leading our children towards the wrong path. They have got distracted and it has cramped their social as well as academic development. They must realise that these high-tech devices are very useful to us. They have to be made aware that judicious use of these devices benefits us. We can get each and every information about various things which otherwise are unknown to us. It has made the world small and within the reach of a button. Science should be used for the prosperity of people and not as a destructive force. The inventions should not be used for selfish purposes. It should be used for saving lives and not destroying lives. Science really can work wonders but only if it is rightly used.

Question 3.
On the occasion of World Health Day, write an article in about 150 words for the school news-letter on the topic, ‘Importance of Physical Health in Our Lives’, using the clues given below. (Board Term-12012, Set EC2,039) (5 marks)

  • Healthy mind lives in a healthy body.
  • Lack of time for physical activity because of the demands of modem lives.
  • Ignoring the health increases the risk of many diseases.
  • Discipline is the key to resolving these concerns.

Importance of Physical Health in our Lives
Healthy mind lives in a healthy body. This is a proverb which everyone must have heard or read. But very few pay attention to it. A study was conducted on obesity and many related diseases were found amongst teenagers. Obesity specifically refers to an excess amount of body fat. This is due to the sedentary lifestyle found between the age of 12-14. These adolescents are generally found sitting and watching T.V. programmes. They do not go outside for any physical game. They are found using public transport to school instead of going by bicycle or walking. Today, children are fond of eating junk food and drinking aerated drinks which contain too much calories and are harmful for growing children. Such children later become prone to many diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure and stroke. It is a health hazard. It is also linked to higher rates of certain types of cancer. Not only this, obesity makes us feel unattractive. The demands of modem times have increased so much that people do not have time for physical activity. They ignore health and face the risk of many diseases.

But it is well said that discipline is the key to resolving these concerns. There are many methods of treatment but the benefits of exercise are much more than any other way of losing weight. Not only does exercise help you to lose weight but it improves your fitness and flexibility and improves skin textures. Exercises are also free from the harmful side effect of crash dieting, slimming capsules and the heat treatment used by slimming centres.

Question 4.
Recently there was a news item in Times of India related to RTE where the Supreme Court directed every school, including the private ones to immediately give free education to students of socially and economically backward classes. This Act has no doubt heralded a new era in the country’s formal education. Still you feel, it’s a big challenge for the nation. Based on the input and your ideas gathered from ‘Unit 2-Education’, write an article on ‘New Hope with the Right to Education’ in about 150 words. (Board Term-1,2012 Set EC2,055) (5 marks)
New Hope with the Right to Education (RTE)
A new Act – Right to Education was passed by the parliament recently and it has been implemented also. The implementation has ensured education for all children within the age-group of 4-14 years. It has heralded a new era in the country’s formal education. Everyone knows that a country with illiterate citizens can’t reap the benefits of progress. Everything including the economy can get crippled by poverty, unemployment and exploitation which are the so called fruits of illiteracy. All the citizens of India should join hands to make this Act a success. The foremost thing to be done is the discouraging of child-labour. We must ensure that all children go to school and not work in any field-domestic or industrial. Even the girl child has a right to get educated and we must ensure literacy for the girl child also. This Act has definitely enlightened a new hope of a progressive and literate India which is a dream of every Indian.

Question 5.
You are Keerti/Kunal. Write an article in about 150 words on the importance of afforestation and maintaining a green cover in the country to prevent pollution and global warming. (5 marks)
Importance of Afforestation
Forests are a gift of nature to mankind. Since ancient times man has been dependent on forests for wood, fuel, food, etc. But these days man has started cutting trees for his selfish purposes. He has become apathetic towards them. The time has come when tree plantation has become one of the major issues that we should not only be aware of but also practise at an individual level. Considering the numerous advantages of trees and plants to the environment it becomes imperative for us to preserve greenery which is vital for sustaining the ecological balance on our planet.
The importance of tree plantation dates back to olden times when kings, rulers and monarchs of ancient India laid a lot of stress on planting trees. They ensured that their places had beautiful gardens in full bloom.
In modem times this tradition of planting trees has been taken over by the local government of our cities whose whole hearted endeavour has been to plant as many trees as possible along roadsides and parks. We must realise that trees regulate our climate and keep global wanning under check. They prevent soil-erosion and help in filtration of water also. But due to the malpractice of deforestation, the earth has became dry and infertile. All the non-renewable resources have been exhausted. To prevent all this and to maintain a green cover we must adopt trees and check their extinction. Trees are life. Save them, Preserve them, Plant them.
Thanking you Keerti

Question 6.
Education should not allow any discrimination. All children have an equal right to education. Yet we find that in many families, girls are not given the education they desire. Taking help from the unit on Education, the following points and your own-ideas, write an article in about 150 words on the topic. “The Importance of Educating the Girl Child”. (Board Term-12012, Set EC2,063) (5 marks)

  • No difference in learning ability or interest.
  • Brings in awareness for herself and the family. ,
  • Educated mothers will always impart education to their daughters.
  • Removes gender discrimination at work.
  • Takes decision with an open mind.
  • Ask for strict punishment if families marry off girls without giving an education.
  • For wholesome progress, the whole society has to be educated in one way or the other could be a vocational training.

Importance of Educating the Girl Child
A child’s first teacher is the mother but in our country no importance is given to the education of a girl child. It seems a wastage of money to most of the parents. We must understand that if we educate a man, we educate an individual but if we educate a woman, we educate the entire family. Education is beneficial for the female herself and her family. An educated girl can take decision with an open mind and can fight against all social evils like child marriage, female infanticide, dowry, domestic violence. It is a fact that educated mothers will always impart education to their daughters because they know that there is no difference in the learning ability or interest between a boy and a girl. Educating a girl child means improving their standard of work along with the gender discrimination at work. They can be imparted vocational training also to make them self-sufficient and financially secured. So, for the wholesome progress of our society and the upliftment of our society, it is a must to educate the girl child.

Question 7.
Given below is an extract from an article in a magazine :
Fast Food and its Nutritional Value
To say fast food has a ‘nutritional value’ is an oxymoron. There is absolutely nothing nutritional about fast food. Fast food simply feeds hunger and/or your immediate craving. Fast food does not feed your body in the form of usable lasting energy or building materials, the essence your body thrives on for life itself.
Write an article to be published in your school magazine expressing your concern over the health hazards caused by fast food in about 150 words. (Board Term-12012, Set EC2,038) (5 marks)
Health Hazards of Fast Food
In modem times, fast food is rapidly replacing the nutritious food cooked in kitchen. The reason for this is that it is quick and easy to prepare. Fast food is affordable and palatable as it is commercially served at low rates.
A variety of fast food like pizza, burger, pre-sweetened cereals, chips, noodles, processed foods are easily available in the market. These types of food haven’t got any nutrition. Rather they are high in cholestrol, sugar, sodium and low in fibre, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. These foods are hazardous for health. They give rise to blood- pressure, result in hypertension and cardiac disorders. Sometimes, they develop chronic degenerative disorders also. They simply feed hunger along with our immediate craving. They do not form our body in the form of usable lasting energy or building materials which is done by nutritious food like fruits, vegetables, chapatis, pulses, etc. Everyone should realise the importance of healthy and nutritious food and should say no to fast food. Parents should ensure that their children eat healthy, home-made food. Children should also break the shackles of unhealthy food and follow a diet-chart suggested by their parents.

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