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English Workbook Class 10 Solutions Integrated Grammar Practice 1

English Workbook Class 10 Solutions Integrated Grammar Practice 1

CBSE Class 10 English Workbook Solutions Integrated Grammar Practice 1

Question 1.
See the Workbook on Page 35

Question 2.
Geetika is learning about China in her Geography classes. She has to give a short talk to her class about Shanghai. Read the notes she has made and then complete the speech she prepares for her class. Do not add any new information. Write only the correct answers against the correct blank numbers in your answer sheets.


  • largest Chinese port city
  • handles 50% Chinese exports and imports
  • most heavy population in the world
  • industrial-number of industries present
  • 1842-important after Treaty of Nanking

Shanghai (a) ……………….. and 50% of all Chinese exports and imports (b) ………………..It has also become famous (c) ……………….. in the world. It can be called (d) ……………….. number of industries present here, (c) ……………….. after the Treaty of Nanking was signed here.

(a) (i) is the largest port city of China
(ii) is a largest port city of China
(iii) was a largest port city in China
(iv) was the largest port city in China

(b) (i) was handled there
(ii) has been handled here
(iii) arc handled here
(iv) are being handled there

(c) (i) has the more population
(ii) as the most populous city
(iii) has the heavy population
(iv) is the most populated city

(d) (i) an industrial city because of the
(ii) the industrial city because a
(iii) an industrial city as there is the
(iv) an industrial city that has the

(e) (i) It has the historical importance
(ii) It gained historic importance
(iii) It is an historic importance
(iv) It has gained historical importance


(a) (i) is the largest port city of China
(b) (iv) are being handled here
(c) (ii) as the most populous city
(d) (iv) an industrial city that has the
(e) (ii) It gained historical importance

Question 3.
The following passage has not been edited. There is ONE error in each of the first nine lines. Write the incorrect word and the correction as given in the example against the correct blank number in the space provided. Also underline the correct word you have supplied as shown.

(a) Malaria, caused by the bite of a female Anopheles mosquito will become dangerous if care was not taken.
(b) The bite of the mosquito transfer the parasite into
(c) the human system. Malaria is accompanied with high
(d) fever and shivering. This mosquitoes breed in
(e) stagnant water, in puddles, on coolers etc. It is
(f) important to take care that water do not collect
(g) in and around the houses. Garbage can also
(h) he regularly removed so that mosquitoes will not breed in such damp wastes.

Error Correction
e.g a – the

(a) was – is
(b) transfer – transfers
(e) with – by
(d) This – These
(e) on – in
(f) do – does
(g) can – must
(h) will – do

Question 4.
Rearrange the following words and phrases to make meaningful sentences.

• always/ the same/ Earth’s/ climate/ stayed/ hasn’t
1. Earth’s climate hasn’t always stayed the same.
• an/ a period/ periodically/ of/ cold weather/ called /the/ goes through/ especially / Earth/ ice age
2. The Earth periodically goes through a period of cold weather especially called an ice age.
• an/ during/ ice age,/ polar glaciers/ grow/ the/ bigger.
3. During an ice age the polar glaciers grow bigger.
• an ice age,/ at/ of7 glaciers/ the peak/ may cover/ a third/ as much as/ the Earth/ of
4. At the peak of an ice age glaciers may cover as much as a third of the Earth.

Question 5.
Read the news items given below. Use the information in the headlines to complete the sentences.

1. Ambala police to hire private detectives
Ambala police is hiring private detectives to help the Ambala police force in better investigation.

2. Plea against IT officer dismissed
The Haryana High Court has dismissed the plea filed by Coca Cola India Inc. against the assistant commissioner of income tax, Gurgaon, and other respondents.

3. Three IAS officers transferred
The Haryana government has transferred three IAS Officers and 11 Superintendents of Police, including the Bhiwani SP along with the Deputy Commissioner.

4. Property dealer shot dead
A property dealer was shot dead inside the premises of a hospital by armed gangsters here today.

Question 6.
Read the following conversation carefully and complete the following passage by filling in the blank spaces appropriately. Do not add any new information. Write the answers in your answer sheet against the correct blank number.

Patient : Doctor, I have a terrible toothache.
Doctor : Well, sit down. I need to examine your teeth. Please open your mouth wide.
Patient : Is there any serious problem, doctor ?

The patient told the doctor (a) ___________. The doctor told him to sit down as (b) ___________. He also requested the patient (c) ___________. The patient then enquired (d) ___________.


(a) that he had a terrible toothache
(b) he needed to examine his teeth
(c) to open his mouth wide
(d) if there was any serious problem

Question 7.
Given below is a description of what happened during a fire. One word has been omitted in each line. Mark the place where you think a word has been omitted using ‘ / ’. Write the word you think is missing in the space provided.

There was a fire / our street yesterday morning. – in
When I woke up, I looked / of the window and saw – out
smoke pouring out of / house opposite. Then I – the
saw fire engines arriving / their sirens – with
blaring. First one turned / the corner and stopped outside – round
the house. All the firemen dashed / the house and – into
ran upstairs to the bedrooms. A woman / screaming – was
from an upstairs window. She shouted that she / locked – got
in the room and / not get out. By this time a second – could
fire engine arrived / and the firemen held a blanket – there
for her to jump into. The chief shouted that she / to jump. – had
You could see that / was terrified but suddenly she – she
made the decision and with / great scream, she jumped. – a
She landed safely. Afterwards she said that it had / the – been
most frightening experience of / life. – her

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