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History of muhammad gauri (1173–1206 AD)

History of muhammad gauri (1173–1206 AD)

History of muhammad gauri
 (1173–1206 AD)


# The Ottoman state in India was foundeby Muhammad Ghori.
# Gaur was a small kingdom under Muhammad Ghori.
# Muhammad Ghori’s full name was Shihabuddin alias Muizuddin Muhammad Ghori.
# First invasion of Muhammad Ghori in 1175 AD  Multan was the ruler of the Karamathi caste (Muslim) at that time.
# The first defeat of Muhammad Ghori in India was defeated by the Chalukya ruler Moolraj II of Gujarat (1178 AD) by Muhammad Ghori near Mount Abu.
# Muhammad Gowri’s second invasion in 1178 AD  Occurred at Patan (Gujarat).  Bhima-2, the ruler of this place, defeated Gauri badly.
# Muhammad Ghori conquered Peshawar in 1179 AD.
# Muhammad Ghori in 1185 AD  Won Syalkot and returned.
# Muhammad Ghori in 1186 AD  Again invaded Lahore.
# 1191 AD First Battle of Tarain.  Happened near Bhatinda.  Muhammad Ghori was defeated in this war.  Prithviraj Chauhan wins
# The Second Battle of Tarain 1192 AD  I happened in which Muhammad Ghori won because of his reflexes and superior combat system. Prithviraj Chauhan was defeated.
# Govind Rai was killed in the Second Battle of Tarain.  Desperate, Prithviraj Chauhan tried to run away on a horse, but was caught and imprisoned near Saraswati.
# 1193 AD in India  In Delhi Delhi became the capital of the state of Ghori.
# Chandavar’s war 1194 AD  In, between Jaichand and Muhammad Ghori in which Jaichand was defeated, as a result Muhammad Ghori triumphed.
# 1195-96 AD  Muhammad Ghori came back to India.  This time he conquered Bayana and attacked Gwalior.
# 1196 AD  Another famous mosque named ‘Adai Din ka Jhopra’ was started in place of Sanskrit University of Ajmer, which was started in 1200 AD  I completed.
# Muhammad Ghori 1205 AD  Came to India again.  He encounters a hollow between the Jhelum and the Chenab river.
#Mohammad Ghori thought of returning to Ghazni, handing over the rule of the conquered territories of India to his slave commander Qutbuddin Aibak.
# On 15 March 1206 AD on the way while returning to Ghazni of Muhammad Ghori.  Kokaro assassinated him.
 After Gauri’s death, his empire was divided into three of his principal slaves.


Qutbuddin Aibak – Indian Territory.  Aibak made Delhi the center of the Islamic empire.

Tajuddin Yaldoz – Ghazni region.

Nasiruddin Qubacha – High and Sindh (Pakistan).


मुहम्मद गौरी का इतिहास (1173-1206 ई.) | History of Muhammad Ghauri

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