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Mahmud Ghazni history


# A Ottoman chieftain named Alaptagin established the Ghazni empire in 932 AD.  I, whose capital was Ghazni.

# After the death of Alaptagin, Piritigin ruled in Ghazni for some time.

# Piritigin’s reign (972 – 977 AD) first invaded India.

# Punjab was ruled by the ruler of the royal dynasty at the time of the first Ottoman invasion.

# Alaptagin’s slave and son-in-law was Subuktagin.

# Subuktagin 977 AD  I sat on the throne of Ghazni.

# Subuktagin was succeeded by Mahmud Ghaznavi.  Born on 1 November 971 AD  Happened in .

# Mahmud Ghazni was the ruler of Khorasan during the period of his father Subuktagin.

# Mahmud Ghaznavi had to fight with his brother Ismail for the throne.

# Mahmud Ghazni at the age of 27, 998 AD  I sat on the throne.

# Mahmud Ghaznavi’s title was Yameen-ud-Daula and Yameen-ul-Millah.

# Mahmud Ghaznavi assumed the title of Sultan from the Khalifa Qadir of Baghdad.

# Mahmud Ghaznavi in ​​1001 AD  From 1027 A.D.  Till 17 times invaded India.  Of these.  The invasions have been mentioned by the scholar Henry Elliott.

# The real objective of Mahmud Ghaznavi’s Indian invasion was to loot and obtain money.

# Mahmud Ghazni’s first invasion of India by 1000 AD  And he returned to his country after taking possession of some parts of Peshawar.

# 1001 AD. In the second attack Ghaznavi defeated the Hindu king Jaipal near Peshawar.

# After Jaipal Anandpal sat on the throne.

# Mahmud Ghaznavi gave Multan to 1006 AD  Won in

# Mohammad Ghaznavi to Vidyadhar Chandel 1008 AD  I had to make a treaty.

# Mahmud Ghaznavi on Kannauj in 1018 A.D.  Dominated

# Mahmud Ghaznavi on Somnath temple in 1025 AD  Invaded in

# 50,000 Hindus were killed by Mahmud Ghaznavi during the Somnath temple invasion.

# While robbing the Somnath temple, the Jats attacked and saved some property from plunder.  In the loot of this temple, he got the property of about 20 lakh dinars.

# Mahmud Ghaznavi installed pieces of Somnath’s idol in the stairs of the mosque of Mecca, Medina and Ghazni.

# Mahmud Ghaznavi last invasion 1027 AD  I was against Jats.

# Mahmud Ghaznavi died in 1030 AD  I am done

# In the court of Mahmud Ghaznavi, there were scholars like Vaihaki, Alberuni, Firdausi and Utvi.

# Alberuni wrote ‘Kitab-ul-Hind’ or Tehkiq-e-Hind.

# Kitab – ul – Yamini was composed by Utvi.

# ‘Shahnama’ was composed by Firdausi.

# Mahmud Ghaznavi established university in Ghazni.

# Mahmud Ghaznavi had two sons (Masood and Muhammad).

# Mahmud was in the high ranks of Hindu army like Gajanvi’s army, Sanyarai and Tilak.

#Mahmud Ghaznavi introduced himself as an ‘idolater’, ie ‘fetish wrinkle’, who is making the fame of Islam.

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