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BIRTH: July 26 1943,
Dartford, Kent, England
sir Michael Philip Jagger is a musician, songwriter, actor and producer. He founded the British band The Rolling Stones. Queen Elizabeth II knighted him in 2003.
Mick Jagger was born as Michael Phillip on 26th July, 1943. His father, Basil Fanshawe Jagger, was a teacher. His mother, Eva ensley mary was a hairdresser. He is the elder one between their two sons. He has a younger brother named Chris who is also a musician. Jagger used to be part of the church choir in
his childhood. Jagger got his first guitar at the age of fourteen. He was influenced by the American
blues and R&B music. Him and his friend, Dick Taylor, formed a band named Little Boy Blue & the Blue Boys.
Jagger graduated from Dartford Grammar School and then was accepted to study Business in the London School of Economics in 1960.
Dick Taylor, Jagger and Keith Richards (Jagger’s friend from Wentworth Primary School) would visit the Ealing Club to explore London’s blues scene. They were impressed with Brain Jones’ performance at Alexis Korner’s ‘Blues Incorporated. Jagger, Richard, Taylor and Jones went on to form The Rolling Stones. Later, Ian Stewart joined as a pianist. Charles Watt joined as a drummer in 1963 and Bill Wyman replaced Taylor on the bass.
The Stones started by creating covers of songs by other people. In 1964, their cover of Bobby Womack’s “It’s All Over Now” made it to the British charts. They released their self-titled album in the same year. Its single, “That Girl Belongs to Yesterday” became their first American hit. Their 1965 songs “The Last Time” and “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” topped the UK charts. Their album, ‘Beggars Banquet’ was released in 1968, Their 1968 single “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” topped the UK charts and was in the top five in the U.S.
In the June of 1969, Brian Jones left the band. His drug arrest prevented him from touring in the U.S. Mick Taylor replaced him. Jones was found dead on July 3, 1969. His death was considered “death by misadventure” in the official records. The Rolling Stones performed a free concert dedicated to Jones on July 5 of the same year. The concert was held at Hyde Park, London and also performed Jones’s favorite song, “I’m Yours and I’m Hers”.
The album, ‘Let It Bleed’, was released in 1969. Their 1971 album, ‘Sticky Fingers’ contained the They tried a different genre of music in their hit singles, “Brown Sugar” and “Wild Horses”. 1978 album, ‘Some Girls. The Stones’ 1989 album ‘Steel Wheels’ was listed number three in the U.S. album charts. Their 1994 album ‘Voodoo Lounge won the Grammy for the Best Rock Album.
Jagger decided to try his hand at being a solo artist. He released his first solo album in 1985 called ‘She’s the Boss! In 1987, his second solo album called ‘Primitive Cool’ was released. His third solo album, ‘Wandering Spirits’ was quite a commercial hit. It was placed number twelve in the UK charts and number eleven in the U.S. It was certified gold by RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America). His album ‘Goddess in the Doorway’ (2001) contained the hit song “Visions of Paradise”. He also produced movies like The Man from Elysian Fields (2002). His 2007 comedy production The Knight of Prosperity aired on ABC. He also produced The Woman in 2008.
Jagger formed a supergroup, ‘Super Heavy in 2011 with Joss Stones, A.R. Rahman, Damian Marley and Dave Stewart. Jagger has performed for U.S. President Barack Obama at the White House. On 25th March, 2016, the Stones performed at Havana, Cuba in a free concert for 500,000 people. Their music had earlier been banned there under the Communist regime.
Mick Jagger was inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1989. In 2004, Jagger along with his bandmates was inducted to the UK Music Hall of Fame. Jagger received knighthood in 2003 for his service in music. In 2005, he received the Golden Globe Award for “Old Habits Die Hard” in the Best Original Song’ category.
Jagger is a fan of cricket. He founded the “Jagged Internetworks’ to “produce and promote sports and entertainment events on the Internet.” Jay-Z’s single, “Swagga Like Us” compliments Mick Jagger’s vocal range with the lyrics “My swagger is Mick Jagger”. Jagger is also the subject of Maroon 5’s “Moves like Jagger”.
In 1971, Jagger married Bianca de Macias. They got a divorce in 1979. Jagger remarried Jerry Hall in 1990. However, Jagger and Jerry divorced in 1999. Jagger is a father of nine children.

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